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歡迎加入Gusto Market好食多忠實會員現金回饋計劃!

Register your mobile number to receive Loyalty Cashback of 3% every time you spend money at Gusto market of Taste!
註冊或登入您的手機號碼, Gusto Market好食多將從您每筆消費金額為您儲存3%的現金回饋金

How Do I Register 如何註冊
Earning Loyalty Cashback Credit 賺取現金回饋金

-          Applicable for spending on menu orders and retail purchase (in store and online purchases)

-          Applicable to payments made by Cash and Credit Cards only

-          Not applicable for private functions, event tickets and voucher purchases (such as: cooking classes, Mingle Party or other event organized by Gusto Market of Taste)
不適用於私人外燴活動, 以及任何已提供的優惠產品品項及票券(例如:烹飪課程, Mingle派對或其他由好食多主辦的派對及活動)

Utilizing Loyalty Cashback Credit 使用您的現金回饋金

-          Use your Loyalty Cashback credit to offset your bill

-          Credits can only be collected by one member per receipt

-          Credit redemption & collection is only for one member per receipt

-          Credit collection & redemption can be performed on all Public Holidays & Public Holiday Eves as well as normal working days

General Terms & Conditions 一般條款及規則

-          Applicable to Gusto Market of Taste’s outlet(s)
僅適用於Gusto Market好食多商店

-          With every NTD100 spent, you will receive 3 credit = NTD 3

-          May not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, and/or offer.

-          Continue to earn Loyalty Cashback credit on remaining amount paid by Cash and Credit Cards
使用現金回饋金折抵後, 剩餘需支付的消費金額仍可繼續為您儲存現金回饋金

-          No splitting of bill for credit collection and redemption

-          For every 1000ntd purchase you can redeem 100ntd

-          Credits do not expire as long as the program is running, and the business is in operation
在公司營運正常之下, 現金回饋金沒有時間到期限制

-          The management reserves the right to amend, cease or terminate the Loyalty Cashback program, and all of its mechanics, terms and conditions, without prior notice.

-          In event of cessation or termination of the Loyalty Cashback program, no refund or compensation will be given to loyalty account holders. All existing credit will be deemed null and void.
如果停止或終止“會員現金回饋金”計劃,本公司無須向會員退款現金或賠償現金回饋金的帳戶餘額, 所有尚未使用的現金回饋金將被視為無效。

-          Credits are not transferable and not exchangeable for cash

**Terms&Conditions apply and subject to change. Gusto Market of Taste reserves the rights to change these T&Cs from time to time without prior notice.
**條款和適用規則視情況可能隨時更新。 Gusto Market好食多有限公司有權更新條款和適用規則,恕不再另行通知。


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